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'There's no such thing as an ugly flower.'

- Rosamund Davison

Hello, I’m Bridget Davidson and I’m the founder and doer-of-everything at Wild Rosamund. The quote above came from my dear Granny Rosamund, who inspired my business name. Granny loved her garden and so did I. As a child, every spring and summer I plagued it with my scissors, snipping here and chopping there to create little posies for myself.

One day I went in to show her – as I always did – what I’d picked. She looked at my collection of blooms and leaves and said: ‘Do you know? There’s no such thing as an ugly flower.’ I couldn’t agree more.

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Growing up on a rural Northamptonshire farm, I was surrounded by nature. In spring soft catkins dusted me with yellow pollen. In summer, the pink cups of dog roses bloomed and fell in just one day. Autumn meant wild blackberries and the soft plop of crab apples dropping into Dad’s fields.

As an adult I strayed away from nature, becoming a magazine journalist for seven years, before an evening course in floristry set me on the path to a full-time career with flowers. Today I work from my home studio in Impington, north of Cambridge. When I’m not there, I’m a giddy child again, foraging the Cambridgeshire countryside for everything from snowy blossom to spiky teasels. I combine my foraged treasures with only British-grown flowers and foliage, to create the wild and wonderful designs you see here.

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